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Cloud providers in Europe – AWS vs Azure vs GCP

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Companies are increasingly adopting cloud-based services for a host of reasons including to improve efficiency, reduce overall IT spending and streamline their operations. 

Sunny skies for cloud providers in Europe

Although many enterprise workloads are still deployed on-premise, there will be ripe opportunities to move these workloads to the cloud when they are refreshed, according to a former director at Oracle Corp. In fact, over two-thirds (70%) of the market in Europe is “still untouched”, he said in an Interview with Third Bridge Forum. 

Competitive dynamics are also shifting among the three main providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. With a broad range of software vendors, AWS is well positioned to serve most customer segments and will continue to represent a hefty portion of industry revenue because of its size. However, GCP and Microsoft Azure may experience stronger growth. The former is investing heavily in its enterprise offering and the latter is now a “serious” competitor. 

Within Europe, levels of cloud adoption vary and providers are targeting regions with strong growth potential. As AWS enjoyed first-mover advantage in the UK — an early adopter of cloud services — GCP and Microsoft Azure are focusing on markets such as France and Germany. 

Outside of Europe, Chinese providers including Alibaba Cloud are gaining traction. The specialist anticipates they will eventually disrupt Europe and the US with a platform-as-a-service that “no one can match at the moment”. They are also excelling on AI and big data capabilities. 

Meanwhile, local players including France-based OVHCloud may have a competitive edge because they are better able to serve more specific needs in areas such as security. They are also strong on pricing, as players like AWS “can be expensive if you have a workload that is always running”. 

Similarly, the specialist has observed that companies increasingly prefer to use multiple vendors to “spread the risk” and increase flexibility, which could threaten incumbents like AWS. 

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