Compliance Policy

Employee Privacy Policy

In line with the Third Bridge commitment to staff and clients, we request background checks before employment commences.  Please read the Information notice on the following pages carefully,  It provides important information to you regarding the collection, use, transfer and storage of your Personal Data for purposes of verifying your background in connection with your role within Third Bridge.

You have been selected by Third Bridge via the candidate invite to undergo certain background checks in support of undertaking a role with Third Bridge and hereby authorise Third Bridge and its subsidiaries  and/or its third party provider HireRight LLC (“HireRight”) and their representatives to: perform  reference checks on my employment; verify any information provided through the on boarding process; conduct comprehensive background enquiries including criminal checks and credit checking (if  required); and take up personal, academic and employer references (“Screening”). HireRight  representatives include (a) subcontractors appointed to support processing of data base checks,  academic qualifications and references in particular where only local language sources are available; and  (b) vendors appointed to support in country credit and criminal checks where relevant; (c) HireRight  group companies; (d) translation services
In some circumstances the Screening may continue to be made during the course of your employment  and the processing and release of any Personal Data obtained as a result of the Screening may be  required to be sent to referees, credit agencies, government bodies and other such third parties as may  be reasonably necessary in the course of such Screening and my employment.

Information That Will Be Collected: 

During the Screening you will complete an application form where you may be asked to complete the  following categories of personal data. The type of data you will complete will be dependent on the  Screening being undertaken:

  • age and date of birth;
  • place of birth;
  • gender;
  • your contact details (phone, address, e-mail);
  • contact details of referees provided by you (name,phone,address,email,relationship to you);
  • education history;
  • address history;
  • employment history; and
  • supporting documents which may include a copy of your passport, ID documentation, certificates  showing qualifications (all where lawful to do so); (all “Personal Data”).
    Third Bridge will then instruct HireRight to collect, research and verify on behalf of my Third Bridge certain  information which will depend on the seniority of the position for which you have applied and on  national laws.

Further information in respect to verifications 

You may request a full list of the different checks which will be performed specifically for you from Third Bridge. You may also contact Third Bridge at any time if you have any questions about the specific  information that will be collected about you.

HireRight will use appropriate and reliable sources to conduct this research and verification. Transfer of Personal Data: outside of the EEA 
Transfer of Personal Data to HireRight:  HireRight will, in its capacity as data processor, receive your Personal Data from Third Bridge and you. The  Screening takes place on a secure http portal (the “HireRight Portal”) which is hosted on servers located  in the United States of America. As contracted with Third Bridge, provisions are in place within HireRight in order to ensure an adequate level of data protection for all transfers of Personal Data outside of the  EEA, including to the HireRight Portal.

Transfer of Personal Data to third parties: 
As part of your Screening, HireRight and its representatives will research, verify and process your Personal Data on behalf of, and in accordance with instructions from Third Bridge to the extent necessary to perform its research and verification, HireRight may provide some of your personal  information to third parties. This may include transfers to countries outside the European Economic  Area (“EEA”), including to countries that may not be deemed to offer a level of protection for Personal  Data as high as countries within the EEA. These third parties are organisations, institutions, agencies or  individuals from which information is collected for the purposes of fulfilling the services only and may  include local vendors, employers, educational establishments, referees, government agencies, courts,  data providers or repositories (“Source” or “Sources”) or HireRight’s representatives  (“Representatives”) who are performing specific research in connection with your Screening (together  “Third Parties”).
In respect to a transfer of your Personal Data to a Source or Sources outside of the EEA, this will be  dependent on your footprint during the screening period set by Third Bridge. Where your footprint is  outside the EEA, your Personal Data will need to be transferred to the relevant Source(s). By way of example, if you have had a period of employment in Hong Kong your previous employer will need to be  contacted to verify your job title and dates of employment: to complete the task a data transfer will  have to take place. Only information required to obtain the verification will be transferred to the  Source(s) and these transfers are to a country in which that Personal Data already exists.
HireRight also utilises Representatives located in the Philippines and India. The Representatives are  tasked with processing verifications, references and database searches based on where the candidate  has lived previously and to provide support in local geographies and languages by contacting employers,  schools and governmental agencies located in APAC during the course of completing the request for a  Report. Representatives work from the HireRight Portal with access from a Virtual Desktop  Infrastructure which sits on the HireRight US server network. Representatives are prohibited from  copying personal information by any means.
HireRight may transfer your Personal Data to third parties, if required to complete the verification and that  such third parties will provide responses, including Personal Data, requested of them.
HireRight ensures that where electronic transfer of Personal Data to/from Representatives and Sources  takes place that such transfers are also appropriately protected and are in compliance with relevant  data protection legislation, including the GDPR and in accordance with any instructions provided by a  Source.

Support during the Screening process

During the course of your Screening you may have questions for the HireRight team or be contacted by  the HireRight team to provide further information.

Candidate Survey – use of personal email address provided for Screening contact 

HireRight is committed to improving its service and therefore if you contact our Customer Service team  you may be randomly selected to participate in a survey to obtain feedback on how HireRight  performed. This survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete and is voluntary. Any  contact will be via the personal email address that you provide to HireRight for contact purposes and that email will be stored in SalesForce in the US. No other personal information will be  collected or stored as part of the survey process. HireRight will delete your personal email address from  its systems and SalesForce in accordance with the period set out in this Information Notice.

Preparation of the report: 

HireRight will prepare a report that compiles the results of the research and verification and that report  will be provided to Third Bridge (the “Report”). Third Bridge may share the Report within its group  companies and you should contact Third Bridge if you have any questions in this regard. The Report will be  stored for a period of __ months on the HireRight servers located in the United States of America and  will be transferred to Third Bridge via the HireRight Portal using security and technical measures that  comply with relevant legislation (including the GDPR and relevant local legislation).

Security measures and deletion of Personal Data: 

HireRight will maintain Personal Data HireRight on a server in the United States of America. HireRight is  committed to protecting the Personal Data that HireRight receives about individuals and both HireRight and Third Bridge take measures to secure your Personal Data from accidental loss and from unauthorised  access, use, alteration or disclosure. Data is transferred from HireRight securely using encryption and  stored on secure servers. Additionally further information security measures are in place, including  access controls, physical security and robust information collection, storage and processing practices.
Third Bridge and HireRight may be required to retain any Personal Data for a reasonable period of time in  order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations and/or for any other legitimate business purpose.
Third Bridge and HireRight will process the Personal Data in accordance with relevant data privacy  legislation.
Personal Data will be stored for a maximum period of __ months by HireRight after completion of my  Screening after which time my Personal Data will be securely deleted.

Candidate Rights 

You have certain rights arising from privacy legislation in respect to the Personal Data that will be  processed in relation to the Screening. Further information is available in respect to such rights  at but in summary:

  • rights of access
  • rights of rectification
  • right of erasure
  • right to object
  • right to data portability

In each case your rights are exercisable against Third Bridge and you should direct your requests  to ___________________________.
If you have any questions relating to the Screening process you are encouraged to contact Third Bridge at  the address above prior to completing the screening form.
It is confirmed that the Screening process does not include any automated decision making or profiling. ATS Integration 
Third Bridge utilises Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) as part of its on-boarding process and the ATS is  integrated with the HireRight system to populate certain parts of the screening form you will be asked  to complete. Should you have any questions relating to the handling of your Personal Data via the ATS  integration then please direct your questions to the relevant ATS provider and Third Bridge.]