Compliance Policy

FactShield ™

Third Bridge uses best-in-class solutions to protect our clients as they use our products and services. One risk that we manage involves the identification of experts that we deem unfit to be introduced to our clients because of concerns over their identity or the integrity of their experience. We use various methods to detect these situations and promptly blacklist the affected experts on our systems.

We facilitate thousands of consultations every year around the globe, and the occurrence of such issues is extremely rare.

To further reduce this risk we use a detection system called FactShield™.

This proprietary solution is designed to highlight inconsistencies in a number of screening criteria. These include:

  • Identity (including name, contact details, location, employment history) 
  • Numeric trail (including internet protocols, device IDs, access patterns)
  • Financial information (including bank details, compensation statistics) 
  • Digital footprints (active and passive)
  • Source match (sanction, watch, regulatory and law enforcement lists)
  • Negative media screening


A daily report is generated for our global compliance team, who conduct a deeper review  into specialists receiving a high-risk assessment. Any expert profiles that do not meet a sufficient risk assessment are blacklisted on the Third Bridge research platform.

We are continuously refining FactShield ™ as well as developing further innovations that will ensure that we continue to offer our clients risk management that exceeds industry best practices.