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China’s 2019 live pig market

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Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former farm manager at Muyuan Foods Co Ltd. The specialist offered insights into China’s pig farming market concentration, paying close attention to top China-based pig breeders Wens and Muyuan.

ASF and Inflated Pork Prices

The specialist discussed the supply gap in the pig farming industry, especially in light of African Swine fever (ASF), which has disrupted the supply of pork globally — but predominantly in China. He highlighted specific areas of the industry in which the output of swine – and therefore its price – has been affected.

The former farm manager hypothesised how long ASF would continue to disrupt and inflate the price of pork, providing observations on the official statistics of culled pigs and how this might be a misrepresentation. The specialist outlined the various measures the government or pig farmers could employ to prevent the spread of ASF, as well as how they could be executed.

While discussing the rising trade tension between the US and China, the specialist explored the recent import tariffs on pork imposed by China on meat sourced from the US. He explained whether this would influence the amount of pork imported from the US in 2019, especially in light of ASF.

The Interview reached its close by exploring the dynamics between independent and corporate pig farmers in China, as well as the reasoning behind the relatively small market share held by the ten biggest pig farmers in China.

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