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Workday cloud human capital management leader facing new questions

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Workday makes human capital management (HCM) software, helping organisations to manage and develop their workforce. The company has made huge strides since its inception in 2005, claiming about 40% of the Fortune 500 as customers. To understand more about this market and where the company is heading, Third Bridge spoke to a former director from the company.

Workday distinguishes itself in the human capital management software market

Alongside its HCM offering, Workday provides financial management tools and other peripheral applications. However, it is all part of one system, “an end-to-end suite of solutions.” The specialist underlines what is important for companies working in the HCM space, which is the technology used to build the application. For Workday, “the architecture and the technology upon which the system’s built and the decisions that were made to build the system on a single code line and really create everything from the ground up is core to Workday’s differentiation.”

Workday’s other strengths revolve around its customer satisfaction. This stems from the application’s reliability, its value, and the ease of maintaining and managing it, among other aspects. In fact, as people inevitably move jobs, it’s not uncommon to see new leadership choose Workday as they’ve had such a positive experience with it.

Acquisitions were also on the Interview’s agenda. Although Workday’s two main competitors, SAP and Oracle, have bought companies, this was not seen as a risk. Workday’s “Power of One” system is believed to be valuable, as it brings efficiency to its users. 

However, this unified system, which could involve sacrificing functionality, was a move away from the “best of breed” offerings from SAP and Oracle. And if companies decide they need that functionality back, “an SAP or an Oracle are probably much better positioned than Workday in some regard, through their acquisition strategy of acquiring best-of-breed technologies.” 

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