Smarter private equity research across the investment cycle

Our latest private equity forecast found that a more agile and diversified industry is emerging in response to macro challenges. Investors are also stepping up their research game. Identifying red flags and developing conviction early on in the investment cycle is paramount, but finding quality and unbiased information on private companies remains a challenge for many.

As the market leader in integrated research, Third Bridge is filling this industry void, helping private equity investors understand sector landscapes, contextualise data, and evaluate companies and markets throughout the entire investment process. 

More specifically, our content helps private equity investors triage opportunities more efficiently ahead of early-stage research. This is because there is typically limited high-quality information to help them assess business quality (often relying on websites, for example).

Finding the right opportunities efficiently and effectively are PE investors’ biggest challenges because they simply do not have the resources they need – but these challenges are no longer insurmountable. Third Bridge gives PE investors an unrivalled research experience, providing critical human insights on private businesses that are not available anywhere else.

How Third Bridge’s products create an integrated research experience

Third Bridge Maps are often a good place to start the research process (but are valuable throughout as new information is discovered), as they provide a detailed overview of value chains including key suppliers, competitors and customers – enabling PE investors to identify potential companies to approach or examine more closely.

From here, investors can pivot to Primers and Tearsheets to quickly get up to speed on a company before doubling down on their research and filling in any remaining gaps. Primers are interviews with experts that provide fundamental information on private equity and venture capital-backed companies, giving PE investors a deeper and broader perspective on the moat of a private company. A Tearsheet is a concise summary of a Primer, showcasing the most critical quotes and information obtained from the interview.

Third Bridge’s analyst-led interview offering, Forum, is used by private equity investors to get under the bonnet of a company, or uncover compelling themes or high-growth sub-sectors they may not have otherwise heard of. Each Forum interview with an industry expert or former company executive also provides Key Insights – short bullet points summarising the interview’s highlights. Forum interviews are ideal for learning about a company or sector’s TAM, growth drivers and competitive dynamics, helping investors shape the investment thesis and identify potential risks.

As well as Forum, Community, investor-led interviews with industry experts, offers private equity investors a different perspective with exclusive insight into how their peers are thinking and what companies they are interested in. Like Forum transcripts, Community transcripts can also be used to validate assumptions in the investment memorandum and formulate questions ahead of management meetings.

Third Bridge’s suite of research products complement each other to ultimately enable private equity investors to prioritise their screening efforts and accelerate their understanding of the key due diligence questions in a highly competitive process. At this stage, an investor might decide to advance their research, via our expert network, Connections, for example, or move on to assess a different company.

The information used in compiling this document has been obtained by Third Bridge from experts participating in Forum Interviews. Third Bridge does not warrant the accuracy of the information and has not independently verified it. It should not be regarded as a trade recommendation or form the basis of any investment decision.

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