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Streaming platforms – Netflix, Disney and Amazon

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Last month, Third Bridge Forum spoke to a former executive at ViacomCBS Inc (Paramount Global) to discuss streaming platforms, the introduction of ad-supported tiers and content spend dynamics. Here are the need-to-know insights from that Interview:

  • The specialist said Netflix is making the right move with its ad-supported tier and likely should have made it sooner. They told us the move will enable the company to broaden its audience and command high CPMs, considering the breadth of its user base and safe content for brands.
  • We heard that Disney views buying Hulu outright as an opportunity to merge it with Disney+ and create an offering with wider reach outside of its traditional lane of family friendly content.

“I think that the number of subscribers between the Disney streaming services… of 221 million is not really a great apples-to-apples comparison to Netflix.”

  • Amazon Prime’s spend on The Rings of Power is notable, according to the specialist. However, they said it remains a small piece of Amazon’s overall strategy of providing value to Prime members vs creating a strong, differentiated video service.
  • The specialist believes Warner Bros Discovery is still in the process of exploring how to broaden its appeal in streaming while cutting costs. They said this could make for challenging choices regarding content spend and production options.

For more human insights on streaming platforms, click on the transcripts below.

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