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Q1 2021: A closer look at remote work solutions

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It’s clear that office-based work has changed forever – and, consequently, companies providing solutions for remote collaboration and communication have flourished. But, among new entrants and technologies, what remains to be seen is which companies will emerge as market leaders in the post-pandemic world. The exact nature of how we work in the future is also up in the air, which is compounded by the uncertainty stemming from repeated waves of COVID-19 and lockdowns around the world. In order to explore the latest developments from companies working within this segment, Third Bridge Forum has spoken to a range of industry experts.

One trend that has particularly taken off owing to the pandemic is cloud-based solutions. Slack alone has seen huge uptake, and this is demonstrated by the growth in messages in its Slack Connect service. Working at home for extended periods has not only made this essential, but it has also reinforced the effectiveness of such systems. “Yes, Zoom has definitely benefited from the pandemic, but every single cloud platform, whether it’s Microsoft or Cisco or RingCentral, has basically seen enormous growth. I believe that this growth is here to stay because what it has done is it has changed perceptions about the cloud, about reliability, and also about remote working in general,” explained a former head at Zoom Video Communications Inc. And as a former manager at Smartsheet noted, for communication technology the TAM is “astronomical”. It simply covers so many types of work: “All these competitors are in the space of working together. ‘Are you doing work?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Are you trying to collaborate?’” 

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