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Panel discussion: US QSR sector update

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Third Bridge Forum held an Interview on the US’s quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector. Our moderator spoke with a former VP in North America at Subway and a former VP at McDonald’s Corp, both of whom offered diverse opinions on the sector.

North American Fast Food Trends

During the panel discussion, both specialists outlined current trends within the QSR space, including improvements in technology (such as AI), healthy eating, and ingredient transparency. They suggested how the trends could be applied to different food types, such as pizza, and whether the trends were headwinds or tailwinds.

The former VP at Subway suggested that third-party food-delivery providers such as Uber Eats and Grubhub would continue to flourish as they were one of the most convenient options for consumers. The former VP at McDonalds agreed, saying that even if restaurants attempted to compete with third-party providers by offering their own delivery systems, they probably wouldn’t be successful. For more coverage on third-party food-delivery providers, please see our Consumer Sector Report for Q1 2019.

The specialists explored the competitive landscape in the QSR space. Although the former VP at McDonald’s noted that there were traditional competitors, he also explained that there was competition from a couple of unlikely sources, including grocery stores. The former VP at Subway explained the relatively new concept of “ghost kitchens”, in which a number of different brands reduce real estate costs by operating out of a single kitchen. The specialist said this is likely to offer a positive opportunity for emergent brands, especially in areas with high real estate costs.

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