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In a recent Third Bridge Forum Interview, a former C-level executive of both Synlab International GmbH and Eurofins Biomnis navigated the clinical diagnostics market within Europe. The specialist paid close attention to major clinical diagnostics players such as Synlab, Unilabs and Cerba, and went on to discuss the market share between companies, disruptive technological trends and potential consolidation scenarios.

Synergies Between Pan-European Players in Clinical Diagnostics

Any meaningful market share shifts between the three major private clinical diagnostics providers are difficult to engender, explained the former C-level executive. He suggested that Cerba’s recent retail strategy had placed it in a superior position compared with its competitors, but its market share wouldn’t change dramatically unless patients’ mindsets change. The specialist continued by discussing how their attitude would have to adapt in order to notice any measurable shifts.

They explained that the constraints surrounding consolidation are being relinquished, which has led to more M&A activity within the industry. Synergies can also be achieved between clinical diagnostics and suppliers, particularly if the number of clinical diagnostic laboratories are reduced. He reasoned that this would offer the negotiation power required to obtain better prices from suppliers including Abbott, Beckman, Roche and Siemens. Already, suppliers have decreased their prices, but the specialist proposed that the process could be consolidated further.

While discussing the pricing and costs involved with tests for patients, the former C-level executive suggested that collaborations between clinical diagnostics and insurance companies such as Malakoff Médéric could “create a new market” in which services are differentiated and wellbeing tests or regular check-ups are offered to patients. This would help to differentiate the products and services, potentially offering opportunities for growth.

The specialist concluded the Interview by discussing how the market would change in the next 10 years. Paying close attention to technological shifts that could occur across the value chain, the specialist outlined the different types of disruptors to clinical diagnostics and gave his conclusions on their projected growth.

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