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Mortgage contracting services – unit economics & competitive positioning

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Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former SVP at Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) on the unit economics and competitive positioning of the company. The moderator recommended the Interview to credit and equity investors, saying that it offered valuable insights into the market.

Structural Shifts cause shrinkage in the Field Services Market

The former SVP began the conversation by discussing the structural shifts that have caused the field services market to shrink. He suggested that companies were beginning to bypass national vendors, choosing instead to use regional or direct field servicers. The specialist explained that MCS had not been immune to these market headwinds and suggested how the company was attempting to survive this low point in delinquencies.

On the competitive dynamics within the market, the former SVP outlined the current situation, paying close attention to the impact the popularisation of regional or direct providers could have on MCS and other national companies such as Safeguard and ServiceLink. The specialist also explained the reasons for the shift in company preferences from national to regional or direct providers. The former SVP continued by discussing the ways in which MCS and other national providers differ from other vendors, namely the fact that national providers provide one universal technology system compared to the fragmented systems that using local vendors would offer.

The former SVP discussed the viability of MCS being able to move into a different line of business using its network, such as residential landscaping. The Interview continued by discussing MCS’s fixed costs, as well as its position within the market and future projections.

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