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China’s Miss Fresh – fruit supply chain analysis

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A former manager at Miss Fresh was interviewed by Third Bridge Forum’s moderators in July. The discussion covered a diverse range of topics, including the company’s gross margin, average revenue per order, and its rivals.

Analysing Miss Fresh’s Online Grocery Service and the Competitive Landscape in China

The specialist began by discussing Miss Fresh’s fruit suppliers and comparing their relationship to other online grocery services. The majority of Miss Fresh’s supply is derived from the wholesale market, which is due in part to the strict requirements on fruit from different countries or regions, as well as the varying restrictions on different platforms. The specialist continued by explaining why some suppliers were more reluctant to supply fruit to Miss Fresh compared with internet giant He suggested that Miss Fresh’s quality control staff in some regions were far stricter than their counterparts, which complicated the e-commerce platform’s relationship with fruit suppliers.

While discussing Miss Fresh’s stocking and purchasing volumes, the specialist explained that the company was working hard to prevent a high turnover of fresh food and outlined how it was doing this. He also discussed the historical price changes that Miss Fresh has undergone in order to improve its market position and attract a high-end clientele.

Whilst Miss Fresh’s small product launches are highly flexible – in order to keep pace with changing customer trends – the former manager implied that it might be too flexible. Although the company makes weekly, monthly and quarterly plans, it doesn’t perform thorough market research prior to these meetings, which could harm its position in the long run.

As Dingdong Maicai recently finished financing, it utilises a flexible pricing strategy, which, according to the specialist, Miss Fresh wouldn’t be able to compete with. He outlined the company’s uncommon quality control measures, which appear to prevent it from having to bear some upstream losses as these are instead passed onto the suppliers.

Finally, the specialist outlined last-mile warehouse shutdowns and how products are chosen for launch.

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