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Martech industry – 2020 M&A analysis & 2021 outlook

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Technology is playing an increasingly pivotal role in marketing, with company dollars pouring into martech and adtech at an accelerating pace. Third Bridge Forum interviewed an industry expert to discuss how COVID-19 has affected martech dynamics, as well as the M&A landscape, key players and product stack trends.

COVID-19: a “big-time catalyst” of martech spend

The specialist, a former C-level executive at Cision Ltd, outlined the current trends in martech and adtech, including the phasing out of third-party cookies; emerging channels, such as over-the-top services; the continued power of content; and the shift from segmentation to personalisation.   

In the Interview, it was also noted that data-driven orchestration, a “buzzword” for the last 20 years, is starting to gain traction. “Machine-based learning and artificial intelligence applications… I still think they’re in the hype cycle, but they’re getting near to the end of the hype cycle, and some real applications with real benefits are going to hit us,” the expert said. 

In terms of economic trends, COVID-19 has slowed the industry on the M&A front, but a “big rebound” is anticipated in light of the “incredibly fragmented martech and adtech environment”. Private equity is expected to become a dominant force in the space while the “two kings of the hill”, Adobe and Salesforce, continue to make acquisitions as they plug the gaps in their stacks. 

Although spending took a short-term hit in Q2, “ultimately we’ll head out of this year with an even higher level of spend and investment”. In fact, COVID-19 will emerge as a “big-time catalyst”, according to the Interview, as the pandemic forces companies to enhance their digital marketing capabilities.  

Other areas explored in the Interview included the evolving role of contact centres, social media manager trends, and how the market is trending for walled gardens such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. 

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