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Lamborghini – volume, price & electrification outlook

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Few companies have navigated the coronavirus pandemic as effectively as luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini. Despite a two-month shutdown of its factory and a dip in car sales, 2020 was the car manufacturer’s “biggest year ever”, a former VP at Aston Martin told Third Bridge Forum.

Lamborghini powers into new hybrid era

The Interview – which began with an analysis of the manufacturer’s volume growth expectation over the next 3-4 years – covered topics including areas for future growth, a potential fourth product line and the challenges posed by bringing its fuel-powered engines into the hybrid era.

According to the expert, Lamborghini’s high profits during the pandemic derived from the “remarkable” success of its SUV, the Urus. The Urus currently makes up 55% to 60% of Lamborghini’s total sales volume, and the expert expects this growth to continue, especially as it targets a larger market share in China.

Current sales in the country, and the APEC region in general, are lower than its luxury SUV competitors, in part due to the lack of a plug-in hybrid option, causing tax implications for consumers, the expert said.

The expert therefore expects Lamborghini to introduce a hybrid option, either as a “mid-cycle facelift” for the Urus, or as a part of a fourth product line to increase sales in the region. Both options present challenges for Lamborghini and its brand, the expert said, although a recent push over the past 6-12 months to market the sustainability of its cars, and the expertise it can rely on as part of the VW Group, are seen as benefits to this transition. 

Away from hybridisation, the expert highlighted special projects as an area for future growth, stating that Lamborghini is pushing “that ultra-high-net-worth market”, one characterised by relatively small volumes with aggressive pricing. 

Add-on options were also noted by the expert as an area where “real opportunity lies” for Lamborghini, thanks to its sizable order bank. You would expect the industry to make a 60% margin on these options, so if you can get a customer to add 15-20% on the base price of the product in options, you’re making [a] significant contribution for your company,” the expert said.

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