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When looking for expert knowledge on the industrial market, credit investors need access to trusted, accurate resources. Within the multitude of subsectors – ranging from manufacturing and distribution to construction and engineering services – knowing where to look for investment opportunities can be a difficult process without in-depth analysis and expert perspectives.

Third Bridge has professional services that help investors make sense of the deluge of data they face, enhancing industrial investment decision-making by facilitating access to expert human insights. When it comes to the industrial market, crucial investment information often resides inside specialists’ minds – and our processes enable clients from all over the world to take advantage of this. We strive to connect clients with the best experts and engage in rigorous compliance checks.

SmartLink, our fine-tuned research methodology, is central for consistently uncovering insights in the industrial market. By keeping an eye on key metrics – such as industries, stocks, macro-economic trends and deal flow – we are able to understand and track changes to the economic drivers within the industrial market. This allows us to visualise the competitive landscape and uncover pertinent trends that need your attention.

Third Bridge facilitates thousands of consultations and Interviews each year – and our proprietary solution, FactShield™, ensures that we always maintain our clients’ integrity, guaranteeing that only suitably qualified candidates are selected. This detection system encompasses various methods that highlight inconsistencies in screening criteria. Our compliance team conducts a deeper review of any high-risk profiles, blacklisting any individuals who don’t meet a sufficient risk assessment.

Why choose Third Bridge when investing in industrials?

Industry 4.0 is changing the way that goods are produced, opening up new opportunities for public equity investors – and simultaneously presenting new challenges and complications for traditional supply chains. Forum is one way that Third Bridge can assist investors researching the industrial market, by providing direct access to extraordinary insights and perspectives.

We specially select senior executives who have in-depth experience in the industrial investment landscape for in-depth Interviews. Our clients can access these through two ways: joining the hour-long calls and accessing our archive. The repository of unfiltered Interview transcripts, which can be downloaded via our client portal, equips investors with an extensive array of content.

Globally and across all sectors, Forum is supported by:

  • Archive of 15,000 transcripts
  • 100-strong research team
  • 5,000 Interviews per year

Meticulous analysis from Third Bridge’s Connections

The second service we provide is Connections. These meetings can take place as either telephone consultations or private meetings and are conducted within a strict compliance framework. Following a brief, our team sources and screens relevant industry experts that can advise each client’s particular needs for industrial investment. No matter how niche and detailed the requirements are, we know how to find the answers.

Connections builds on the wealth of research available through Forum. By facilitating one-on-one discussions, we enable our clients to obtain a granular understanding of supply chains, key trends and industry mechanics. This is backed up by Third Bridge’s own extensive research capabilities, local industry knowledge and global reach.

Connections is supported by:

  • 500-strong research team
  • Eight global offices
  • Over 10,000 consultations per month
  • Robust compliance screening and review processes

Smarter investing in industrial assets

If you’d like to find out more about how Third Bridge can assist your industrial investment decision-making, or to know more about becoming a specialist, contact us to discuss your requirements. To see how we have helped clients across various industries, please refer to our case studies.