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Heap is a data analytics platform provider. What sets it apart, a former divisional head from the company told Third Bridge Forum, is that it “flips on its head” the usual approach to this industry. “Most analytics systems are based on designing which data you would like to capture first… Heap captures every interaction, click, tap, swipe, page view, pretty much anything that you might care about, saves all of it into the database and then allows you to pull out data that is relevant.”

In terms of key trends that investors should pay attention to, the specialist highlighted two forces. The first involves using more advanced technology to derive insights. “As we get better at using an AI or deep learning approach to be able to crunch things like behavioural data, I think we’ll continue to get smarter there, and that will massively increase the value of collecting a complete data picture.” The second, and a potential headwind, is that rising concerns regarding privacy could affect client-side tracking.

The main differences between Amplitude, a competitor, and Heap were also covered. There are “lots of technical differences”, resulting in Heap being priced much higher. “Heap captures a value that no one else can with that extra cost, so that cost is not entirely in vain, is not poor engineering. It’s based on a principle that we can fundamentally bring a value that no one else can.” On the other hand, Amplitude’s philosophy “is to execute with excellence on a very precise but highly manual data strategy”.

Other topics included were customer stickiness, the product moat and potential new products.

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