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Google's advertising – economic backdrop and operational dynamics

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Third Bridge Forum recently spoke to a former product manager at Google LLC to discuss the company’s advertisement offering and revenue mix, as well as the impact of Apple’s privacy related advertising changes. Here are the need-to-know insights from that Interview:

  • The specialist said Google’s budgeting products and tools are only a few years old but recently accounted for up to 90% of dollars spent on the segment’s advertising solutions.
  • They told us recent contributors to Google’s advertising revenues were Google Search [USD 120bn], YouTube [USD 20-25bn], Shopping [USD 15-20bn] and Apps [USD 10-15bn]. We heard that YouTube is currently Google’s revenue growth leader and Search’s salespeople have 20% growth quotas.

“Because Google is so wide in terms of the industries that it touches, it’s really hard to see how an impact to Google’s ads business can be done on the supply side.”

  • Google has been/should be better positioned given the uncertain global economy, we were told. If customers are adjusting, Google should maintain spending budgets as well as lower customer acquisition cost expectations and workforce counts, according to the specialist.
  • Meanwhile, the specialist told us the mix of performance advertising and brand advertising is currently running at a 70/30 split. However, they said brand advertising should continue to grow at a faster pace and become increasingly important.

For more human insights on Google advertising, click on the transcript below.

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