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Faking it: exploring Beyond Meat’s progression

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The rise of veganism and plant-based diets – driven by greater awareness of animal welfare, the environmental costs of industrial farming and health concerns – is changing the food industry. On 12 November Dean Foods, the US’s largest milk producer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing declining dairy demand as people shift to milk alternatives. However, this isn’t the only sector seeing disruption; meat could face similar trouble from plant-based substitutes.

One of the biggest names here is Beyond Meat. Founded in 2009 in the US, the company went public in May 2019. Its shares shot up by 163%8 on the first day. As at mid-November 2019, its stock was around USD 80, up from USD 25 initially. It sells fake burgers, sausages, ground beef and crumbles, as well as Beyond Chicken, which was pulled from the shelves to be redeveloped. It can be found globally too – in May 2018, the company announced it would be expanding to more than 50 countries over six continents.


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