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Digital experience segment, growth performance & M&A importance

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Adobe’s digital experience segment is a platform that enables brands and businesses to create, measure and optimise customer experiences, spanning analytics to commerce. Third Bridge Forum spoke to a former senior director from Adobe to understand how the platform works and who the competitors are, among other topics.

What’s in store for Adobe’s digital experience platform?

It has its roots in a post-financial crisis push to diversify Adobe’s offerings. The acquisition of a marketing and web analytics company, Omniture, was “a bit of a springboard to get into what some, historically, have called digital marketing. The business, now, really has expanded to be seen as digital experience.” 

This amalgamation of products includes Workfront, which was bought within the past year, as well as Magento and Marketo. Part of the attraction comes from connecting these different elements: “when you start to bring all of those together and say, hey, we all operate on the same platform, data is going to be able to move seamlessly from product to product, now you’ve enabled the group power around that.”

Competitors include Salesforce and “to some degree” Oracle. They “historically haven’t been known, particularly, as… buying fantastic assets, things, products that their customers are looking to add to what they’re doing.” Smaller players noted in the Interview include Hubspot and Pardot.

Adobe said the digital experience segment accounts for over half of the overall company TAM and yet it accounts for less than a quarter of total revenue. Responding to this apparent shortfall, the specialist commented that the TAM is only going to continue to grow. As “more businesses get engaged in their digital footprint, in their digital marketing efforts, in their understanding [of] the analytics behind digital touchpoints with customers, that continues to broaden and expand for Adobe.”

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