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Coupa Software – business spend management leader & platform push

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Coupa, headquartered in California, provides cloud-based business spending management solutions. Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former senior account director from the company to understand more about its products, competition and longer-term outlook.

Coupa’s business spend management solutions well positioned to grow

While Coupa started out on “more of a procure-to-pay basis”, it has since developed a range of functionalities and is “really trying to be that whole business end-to-end solution”. These new features include sourcing functionality, contract management, supplier risk management, supplier score-carding and risk assessment.

How much revenue comes from Coupa’s core offering (procurement, invoicing, expense management and payments) versus the supporting modules was also outlined. The expert commented that, although the majority of revenue still stems from the core features, the sales of supporting modules are growing. And this share could shift hugely in future if Coupa is able to onboard larger Fortune 1000 companies.

The specialist outlined what sets Coupa apart from the competition. One notable offering is called Community Insights, which uses artificial intelligence to analyse and support spending decisions. “From an initial sales perspective, that intelligence is critical. There’s no other vendor that I know of that has this intelligence.” 

In the shorter term, COVID-19 had resulted in a slowdown for the industry, “but we’re seeing deals start to pick up again”. In addition, the uptick in remote working resulting from the pandemic could be a boon. “As people want to be [in] more of a fragmented work environment… and [to] be able to provide the ability for them to do that, it should increase sales for Coupa dramatically”.

The Interview finished with a look at the longer-term outlook for Coupa, as well as the greatest opportunities and challenges.

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