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Children's apparel update – Carter's & Children's Place

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Third Bridge Forum investigated the children’s apparel market with a former VP at Carter’s Inc. The moderator commended the Interview for its detailed feedback on the industry, and suggested the transcript would be insightful for credit, equity and private equity investors.

Children’s Apparel Market: the State of Play

The specialist began the Interview by outlining the trends and drivers impacting the market, as well as the key brands and retailers within the childrenswear sector and their relative positionings. The former VP explored each of the main childrenswear companies in turn, as well as the recent mergers and acquisitions by Gap and Children’s Place, offering his perspectives on each and how they fit into the overall market.

The specialist continued by noting that as long as brick-and-mortar outlets from Carter’s and Children’s Place are in a suitable location, they should not face store closures. He continued by discussing store saturation, suggesting which companies had room to expand and which were already fairly saturated.

He concluded by exploring the setbacks for Children’s Place and other brands expanding internationally, as well as where they could consider expanding next. The former VP explained the pricing strategy for each major player, touching on the impact increased tariffs from China was having on Carter’s and Children’s Place, and whether this would be passed onto the customer.

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