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Bombardier – pure-play business aviation outlook

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Canada-headquartered Bombardier Inc manufactures business planes and trains, with the latter unit pending sale to France’s Alstom SA. After what has been an incredibly tough year for the aerospace industry, Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former director at Bombardier to understand industry trends, the company’s strategic repositioning, and the 2021 outlook.

Business aviation weathers COVID-19 storm

After a turbulent start to the year as COVID-19 evolved into a full-blown pandemic, business aviation has emerged as sitting on the “luckier side” of the aerospace industry, according to the Interview. Several drivers are fuelling this segment’s recovery and growth, such as wealth creation, replacement demand and OEMs’ continued investment in new aircraft programmes. 

Meanwhile, Bombardier’s strategic repositioning as a pure-play business aviation company was a “great decision”, the expert said. “They have an opportunity to now focus on becoming more lean, not just lean in the way of workforce, but lean in their processes and focus really on what they do well, which is customer service.” However, in terms of challenges, “controlling cost will be key”, particularly as the company previously relied on a more diverse offering. 

On the subject of Alstom’s acquisition of Bombardier’s rail business, the specialist predicts that it will take a “good calendar year” before the restructure is completed. Following on from this, the Interview considered how Bombardier might compare with its main competitors such as Gulfstream, Textron or Dassault, as it establishes itself as a pure-play company. The company’s M&A outlook was also discussed. 

Other Interview talking points included whether Bombardier will be able to continue repaying its debt over the next few years and a demand outlook for its core jet offerings.

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