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Amazon – US e-commerce landscape and approach to M&A

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Last month, Third Bridge Forum spoke to a former chief merchant at Amazon to discuss the company’s positioning in US e-commerce vs legacy bricks-and-mortar retailers, as well as regulatory headwinds. Here are the need-to-know insights from that Interview:

  • The specialist said that despite potential e-commerce sales declines coming off the pandemic, Amazon’s underlying share and drivers remain relatively intact. We heard this is due to Amazon Prime’s stickiness and new consumers captured mid-pandemic.
  • Though prior recessions have benefitted Amazon, the specialist believes it may feel the effects of a potential recession today given its sheer size. However, they said it “won’t suffer as much as a traditional retailer”.

“[Target and Walmart] don’t have anywhere near the selection that comes from overseas that Amazon has, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

  • The specialist was “surprised” Amazon announced plans to scrap the number of fulfilment centres, claiming it seems “over-reactionary”.
  • Access to a new customer base, technology and human capital are the three main drivers to potential M&A activity at Amazon, according to the specialist. iRobot – Amazon’s recent acquisition – was likely tapped for its technology, we were told.

For more human insights on Amazon and its competitors, click on the transcripts below.

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