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Amazon – Prime Video Content Strategy & Outlook

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Although the pandemic is one of the predominant forces affecting the television and film streaming industry this year, there are other trends to take note of. Third Bridge Forum discussed the operating environment, content catalogues and longer-term outlook with a former head from Amazon Studios ( Inc).

What’s on the agenda for tv and film streaming?

Possibly “the biggest trend of all” is tech companies taking control of various streaming services, and “with that, I think strategies are really changing in how we look at content and what’s driving” its creation. On the creative side, the specialist noted three main developments, including how the social and political unrest this year could influence the content creation process.

The strategies of the main players were also outlined. While Netflix is “a volume creator”, seeking shows that work for everyone rather than huge hits, Amazon has taken the opposite view. “Amazon is creating content to serve the Amazon Prime user base, and so content is not there as a standalone. Content is there to create that ecosystem.”

When discussing the creation of new content, and what could prove to be successful next, the specialist explained that it’s vital to subvert expectations. The Boys, a series created by Amazon, was intended to upset a market saturated with superhero media. Shows like The Boys come with less risk than content with huge fanbases: “If it didn’t work, then we would have buried it, and now that it works, Amazon is going to double down on it and basically create the cinematic universe.” 

COVID-19 could prove problematic in the “next 48 months, if not more” for multiple reasons, not least because of the disruption to filming and high costs involved with creating a safer set. Indeed, with an approximate two to three year lag from developing a show to the release, it was questioned whether the content already in development would be effective and relevant – as it was all developed for “a growing economy and a thriving world”, not a vastly different reality. 

A range of other topics were also discussed, including international distribution and whether there is potential for M&A.

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