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African swine fever and the pork supply gap in China

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Classed as a hemorrhagic fever virus (HFV), African Swine Fever (ASF) is a highly contagious and fatal disease affecting domestic pigs. It is predominantly spread by ticks, fomites and contact with infected animals. At present there is no vaccine or cure. Given the magnitude of the current outbreak in China, the impact on the companies operating across this supply chain, including live pig farmers, pork producers and slaughterhouses, could be crippling.

During this quarter, Third Bridge Forum has investigated the issue to determine implications for investors of the impacted companies. We have interviewed multiple specialists from China, the US and Thailand to uncover the true scale and far-reaching consequences of the ASF epidemic. These Interviews provided our moderators with valuable insights on ASF’s effect on pork pricing and the reality for pork producers operating in China, the US and Europe.

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