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Forum is the biggest archive of high-quality expert interviews in the world, providing investors with critical knowledge to make smarter and faster decisions.


Third Bridge launched and defined the expert transcript category

Clients rely on the relevant, timely and high-quality insights from Forum Interview transcripts to inform all stages of their investment process.

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Third Bridge has the largest third party distribution via Bloomberg, FactSet, CapIQ and Refinitiv Eikon.


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We work with some of the world’s largest hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds and management consultancies to help them make better investment decisions.


Why smart investors choose Forum

Our unique approach combines a proprietary coverage model, specially selected industry executives and analyst-led investigative interviews, resulting in content found nowhere else in the world.

Analyst-led investigative Interviews

We train our sector-focused analysts to operate as forensic journalists, addressing key themes and drivers affecting the companies we cover to ensure we deliver in-depth qualitative insights.

Our analysts conduct one-hour investigative Interviews with industry executives to deliver granular and highly relevant content found nowhere else in the world.

Broad, unbiased coverage

Forum’s coverage is unparalleled. We have full sector and global coverage and cover thousands of public and private companies beyond just the "headlines".

With our rigorous and proprietary research methodology our team is trained to monitor key industries, macro-economic trends and deal flow to determine the most relevant and timely content to bring into focus.

Unique content, on-demand

Clients leverage our in-depth Interviews and transcripts to inform all stages of their investment process, enabling them to focus on what matters and move with speed and conviction.

Content can be accessed on-demand in Forum or via all major third-party distribution partners, including Bloomberg, making it even easier to ingrain in our clients’ workflow.


Forum is the biggest archive of high-quality expert interviews in the world.

The unique content generated from the intersection of our dedicated team and industry experts doesn’t exist anywhere else.


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