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The comments in the Interview were like gold dust - you wouldn’t hear them from management and they gave us ammunition to question the team.
Analyst, $2bn Distressed Debt Manager

Third Bridge launched and defined the expert transcript category

Forum is the biggest archive of high-quality expert interviews in the world.


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OGF Group (Obol France 3 SAS)

OGF is a French-based funeral services company. The company experienced a series of ratings downgrades as agencies and creditors expressed concerns over their lower market share in burials and cremations, declining mortality and pricing pressures.

Third Bridge Forum has conducted Interviews with former industry executives to gain deeper insight into OGF’s business model, performance, and competitive positioning relative to its peers. This has enabled our clients to understand:

  • industry pricing dynamics and OGF’s relative underperformance vs Funecap
  • the importance of crematorium concessions and renewal dynamics to the company’s business model
  • growth outlook and profitability trends across different service lines
  • industry cost structures and P&L drivers 

Forum Interviews on OGF have been accessed by more than 100 credit and private equity analysts. Our clients have gained valuable insights into OGF, from high level details about the key economics of the business to in-depth, qualitative assessments of the investment thesis. The content of the Interviews has also informed their question sets in preparing for management meetings.

Forum helps me understand competition, business segment performance and whether a company has a special sauce.
Partner, NY Event Driven Fund, $1bn AUM