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Blue Prism (LSE: PRSM)

Blue Prism is a pioneering leader in robotic process automation (RPA) and has enjoyed a stellar performance since its IPO in 2016. Up to recently, the sell-side has remained largely bullish, with two-thirds of analysts rating the company a Buy (Bloomberg, Dec 2020).

Third Bridge Forum has covered Blue Prism in depth since 2017, conducting over 35 Interviews to help investors gain more insight into recent performance trends, understand in detail the competitive dynamics in the RPA space and ultimately build a stronger conviction in their investment thesis. This has enabled our clients to:

  • size the RPA opportunity through Interviews with public and private companies including UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Workfusion
  • assess the sector’s sustainability by validating AI defensibility
  • gain insight on the threat of new market entrants through early impact assessments
  • understand disruption risk of Microsoft deploying aggressive (90%) discounting

Our ongoing coverage has attracted significant interest, with over 2,000 downloads from equity clients, providing context on a nascent sector and essential insight into how best to analyse Blue Prism’s performance given the lack of consensus on the strength of its position.

Blue Prism Interviews have been consistently insightful - I learnt more with Forum than from any sell-side research.
Analyst, $28bn Hedge Fund

Medical device and dental supply distributor

The brief
A newly launched hedge fund in the US was looking at a USD 10bn medical device and dental supply distributor operating across 30+ countries. Third Bridge was engaged to source contacts that supported the client’s channel check pipeline as part of their ongoing due diligence process.

Research insights and methodology
Through the team’s in-depth understanding of the client’s investment thesis, Third Bridge was able to source multiple industry specialists for 1:1 consultations. One discussion was with a former executive from a competitor, who uncovered the target company’s potential for operating improvements.

Client outcome

  • 30+ experts screened
  • 10+ highly relevant profiles shared with the client
  • calls took place within 1 week
  • consultations with three multi-million dollar customers of the target company

Third Bridge played a critical role in sourcing high-level industry executives within an aggressive 5-day timeframe, helping the client adjust their position in a fast-moving market.

We had great calls and set up regular 3-6 month follow ups to hear their latest thoughts.
Equity Analyst, $10bn Hedge Fund