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A proud sponsor of the 2022 AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum

The 35th Annual AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum, Asia’s premier private markets gathering, will take place in Singapore and online on November 15-17, 2022.Third Bridge is honored to sponsor such a large-scale event, and have a discussion with a group of top LPs about the investment field’s future trends during this challenging time.
11月14日至17日,AVCJ私募股权和风险投资论坛区域专场将在新加坡举行。Third Bridge高临咨询作为此次论坛的赞助商,将携手AVCJ共同为亚太地区的投资人们带来精彩的观点分享与话题讨论,与全球顶尖的LP共同探讨在当下具有挑战的时刻,投资领域将如何发展。

AVCJ Singapore

AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum - Singapore

Chosen and supported by the industry’s leading players, the AVCJ Forum will engage over 1,500 senior investors, advisors and regulators focused on the private markets of Asia and globally into one platform with Singapore as the main in-person venue while maintaining continued connectivity to other financial capitals of the world.

Topic and Focus

What Will the Forum Discuss?

This forum will also discuss the following topics: 

  • Asian private equity: Reward versus perceived risk
  • Institutional takeaways: Addressing Asia’s challenges 
  • Portfolio management: Big picture to small picture
  • Due diligence: Staying ahead of the curve
  • Southeast Asia: From strength to strength
  • SaaS sensations: The rise of B2B services in Asia
  • China: Unprecedented uncertainty
  • Crypto: Making sense of the landscape
  • Exits: Questions around liquidity

Joshua Maxey, Third Bridge’s Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Development & Communications will give a speech about Due diligence: Staying ahead of the curve.

AVCJ Speakers

Key speakers include but not limited to:

For the full list, please visit:

Joshua Maxey

Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Development & Communications - THIRD BRIDGE

James Coulter

Executive Chairman and Founding Partner - TPG

Nicolas Aguzin

Chief Executive Officer - HKEX

Suyi Kim

Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Private Equity - CPP INVESTMENTS

Adrian Li

Founder & Managing Partner - AC VENTURES

Adam Goldberg


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