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Veritas Technologies – update on data availability & protection provider & industry dynamics

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A long-established software company, Veritas has evolved over the years – offering a range of products and services from data protection to visualisation. “Ultimately,” a former product manager from the company told Third Bridge Forum, “Veritas evolved into information availability... where their focus is really around migrating data from on-premise locations to cloud locations.”

What is the state of play for Veritas Software?

Looking into how Veritas fits into the current climate, the specialist mentioned that, pre-pandemic, “they were moving away from the idea of moving the infrastructure to the cloud in terms of migration. On the data protection side though, Veritas has been fully integrated with cloud solutions since the beginning.”

However, “Veritas truly understands, now, the need for that migration and being able to understand where that data resides and where it should reside, while at the same time being able to offer data protection.” One pertinent issue, though, is the shift to working from home, as where data should be stored is unknown for customers.

As well as estimating the revenue shares of Veritas’s leading products, the former product manager was asked about the functionality and reception of NetBackup. There were issues with competitors labelling it as legacy, which was not helped by its interface: “It looked like an old Windows UI, which it’s not very attractive to the customer, but it performed extremely well.”

Notable among its competitors is Cohesity, which is “the biggest and meanest gorilla in the room”. Not only has Cohesity been “poaching” sales personnel from Veritas, but it has also been strong on the communicating front, and “customers are buying into that. They absolutely love that solution. They love that story, and they love how intuitive it is.” The offerings of Rubrik and Commvaults were also detailed.

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