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Tupperware Brands Corp – global e-commerce trends in kitchen products & competitive overview

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“Most people think of Tupperware as just plastic storage, bowls and boxes. Tupperware today is incredibly diverse”, a former global VP from the company explained to Third Bridge Forum in an Interview. The discussion went on to cover more about how the company has evolved and its competition.

Expanding on the company’s offerings, the specialist noted that Tupperware “have cookware that is [a] rival of Calphalon or Le Creuset. They have knives, USD 1,000 knife sets, that can compete with German knives and Japanese knives.” What’s more, within Asia the company has moved into nutritional supplements.

However, storage is its bread and butter – and in this segment Tupperware has “incredibly innovative food savings” products. For instance, it offers a refrigerator storage unit that improves the freshness of vegetables via a slider that improves moisture levels. The former VP also highlighted a metal grill that can work within microwaves – “we were all taught that you can’t put metal in a microwave. This, you can.”

While the brand boasts strong innovation, it has been slow to move in other areas, the specialist noted. “The two major issues that Tupperware missed, quite frankly, and they admit this, was they did not shift to digital quickly. They missed that whole trend, and they also missed the switch between customer-centric marketing and branding, that the customer was now in charge vs the proprietor or the brand.” 

Looking into what companies Tupperware considers it competition, a diverse selection of players were noted – both within the cookware and direct to customer segments. Amazon is proving tricky though. While Tupperware does not officially sell via this e-commerce platform, as it would cannibalise its sales staff, it’s products are on there. “You turn around and you see that sales force members are putting it on Amazon and making a profit. The myth that there is no Tupperware on Amazon is false. The problem is the company is not getting anything for it.”

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