Third Bridge Forum: fuelling credit research across the investment cycle

With many (often hidden) forms of risk in today’s credit market, it is more important than ever that investors formulate their own view of an industry or company’s prospects – including financial and operational insights. Debt underwriting often falls under time constraints, so developing a well-rounded investment thesis efficiently is one of the biggest challenges in both primary and secondary markets.

Third Bridge Forum addresses these challenges by providing high-quality, timely and unique insights from leading experts that are accessible on-demand.

Forum also helps credit investors identify industry drivers and company-related issues that are often overlooked by conventional research. From sector analysis to bottom-up fundamental research, our coverage contains the knowledge required to thoroughly assess market opportunities and ultimately make better informed investment decisions.

What are the key challenges for credit investors?

  • Hyper competitive market with limited investment opportunities
  • Risk can manifest in many different ways — and is constantly evolving 
  • Small window for investment decision making
  • Few independent resources offer current and historical data

How credit investors use Forum for smarter investment research

At the sourcing stage, credit investors can use Forum’s extensive database to outline both exogenous and idiosyncratic risks for debt issuers, enabling them to formulate investment theses in a timely manner.

With extensive coverage of public and private high-yield and distressed issuers, credit investors leveraging Forum can stay better informed throughout the entire investment process:

Idea generation

Forum’s diverse mix of company-specific and thematic coverage provides a leg up on idea generation for credit users. Our expert consultations offer commentary on consistently evolving trends across sectors, which provides a solid foundation for front-end due diligence. Moreover, our historical database of more than 30,000 total transcripts enables users to fill gaps in empirical analysis while gaining a clearer picture of credit cycles.


Quickly understanding business quality, competitive positioning and market dynamics is fundamental. But as credit investors progress in their research, knowing the impact of special situations, economic trends, management changes and any issues – or potential issues – with a company’s underlying business is equally imperative.

Reflecting the many layers of risk present in today’s marketplace, credit investors are also increasingly looking at entire value chains. The questions asked during Forum Interviews are based on deep, proactive research that aims to surface nuances and unique perspectives related to all corners of a business. 

Because our specialists have niche knowledge of markets and companies, investors using Forum also have the advantage of hearing contrarian views on credit names or themes – which is crucial as they seek to gain a competitive edge. With Forum’s dynamic coverage, investors can react quickly to major events in real-time. Many investors also stress the importance of cross-checking the story painted by management, which Forum enables them to do with greater confidence.


Forum is a powerful tool that can be used continuously through the credit investment cycle, including monitoring. Our library of Interview transcripts are available on-demand and offer investors unrivalled support as they track their existing holdings and seek to understand their portfolio exposure in the context of the broader macroeconomic environment. 

Crucially, by uncovering risk exposures early, credit investors have a much stronger chance at staying ahead of the competition – and identifying new investment opportunities.

Key Forum features for credit investors

Forum featureImpact on investors' research process
Customised user experience on any device – any time, anywhereSeamless user experience; flexible workflow from desktop to tablet and mobile device on the go
Powerful search engine delivering hyper-relevant resultsFind the content that you care about faster; instantly surface critical information when evaluating a company or a sector
Personalised content on the homepageOnly see content on the companies and sectors you are interested in and automatically filter everything else out
Watchlist and weekly alertsReal-time alerts ensure you never miss out on new content on the names/themes you care about; be among the first to respond to opportunities or risks as they arise; weekly email updates on the sectors or geographies of your choosing
On-demand, in-browser access to transcripts and audio replaysDigest content in your preferred format; listen to replays as you continue research in the background; bookmark content to read or listen to on the move
Maps integration for a full view of a company’s value chainDramatically increase your speed to knowledge on a target company’s entire value chain; identify the most relevant industry segments to further deep dive; prioritise your investment research
Chinese audiences can localise their languageEase of content consumption in the language of your choosing

Third Bridge Forum transcripts and recordings can be accessed on demand in the Forum portal on your desktop or mobile device, or via our third-party distribution partners, including S&P Capital IQ, Bloomberg, FactSet and Refinitiv.

The information used in compiling this document has been obtained by Third Bridge from experts participating in Forum Interviews. Third Bridge does not warrant the accuracy of the information and has not independently verified it. It should not be regarded as a trade recommendation or form the basis of any investment decision.

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