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Tencent music entertainment outlook

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A director at Go East Music Entertainment Consulting discussed the digital music market in China and its growth projections.

Paid vs. Piracy in Chinese Music Streaming

The specialist noted that while piracy was still a major issue if it were to be eliminated, the Chinese music market could improve its position within the global market. However, the director suggested that the 5G era could alter the digital music landscape by introducing new methods of listening to music that rival or replace music streaming applications such as Spotify or Apple Music.

The director also spoke about the key differences between the music streaming industry in China versus its position in other areas such as North America. The specialist noted that paying users currently account for approximately 4% of total users in China versus 46-50% on foreign platforms such as Spotify.

The director also spoke about Tencent and other music streaming applications in China that had begun exclusively releasing current music on their platforms. The specialist suggested that this could cause users to pay for a number of different music streaming platforms to gain access to various current music releases. They also suggested that copyright licensing was crucial for companies to succeed in China.

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