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Q2 2021: American beauty – what trends are emerging?

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  • Consumer
  • North America

The pandemic has been a “really tumultuous time” for the American beauty industry. And although sales are starting to come back, emerging trends mean that the landscape looks a little bit different now. With insights from industry experts working across this sector, Third Bridge Forum’s Interviews provide a snapshot of the latest developments in this segment.

What’s changed during the pandemic is that people have shifted from colour towards skin. According to a senior executive at Hourglass Cosmetics, “in the last year, skincare has been the biggest piece of the pie, I would say probably 70-80% of the pie, and colour has made up very little.” However, they anticipate that consumer interest in colour will blossom again soon. Another specialist agreed. “In a couple of years we’re thinking, what we’re seeing trend-wise, that it’s going to move over to colour more. We don’t see the heavy-glam look coming back in two years, but colour is going to pick back up”, a former demand planning manager at L’Oréal USA Inc explained.

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