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Payoneer – Product Expansion Opportunities & B2B Cross-border Payment Outlook

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Payoneer, a cross-border financial services company, announced recently that it would go public via a special purpose acquisition firm. To get to grips with this industry and the company’s prospects, Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former head from Payoneer.

What’s in store for Payoneer?

Giving a general overview, the specialist mentioned that the company has a “very tight” focus on e-commerce, and its activities can be divided into the enterprise and direct sides. When starting out, enterprise made up the majority of Payoneer’s business, but this has shifted with direct now making up about half of revenue and volume. 

When asked about how the supply chain could evolve in future, the former head pointed to one area in particular: “I think the corridor that we’ll continue to see growing, for example, is that gig-economy, freelancer offering, especially in the India sub-continent range. That was a huge driver of business for Payoneer.”

Looking at the competition, Payoneer’s prior main rival was WorldFirst. However, after this company’s acquisition by Ant Financial, it left the US market. “Payoneer had done a really good job of just being known in the community through different events, trade shows, etc, so it was just really a mass flooding of WorldFirst clients leaving, and Payoneer was definitely the best option for them.” 

But there is a raft of notable new players that could take market share in future. “There’s Linglinepay, there’s PingPong and there’s Airwallex. I would say they’re the three biggest disruptors that are coming into the direct side of the business.”

The Interview also covered new solutions these companies could monetise, whether there could be any M&A, and the 1-5 year outlook for Payoneer.

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