The most talked about topics from Q2 2022 across our key sectors globally

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What’s next for BNPL?

With many of the COVID-19 pandemic-related tailwinds now in the rear-view mirror, experts are observing a convergence of BNPL offerings and the competitive landscape could look considerably different in the years to come to how it does today.


China’s luxury industry after Omicron-driven shutdowns

Shanghai’s lockdown earlier this year made luxury brands dial back their expectations for their China operations. But experts say numbers should pick up quickly and full-year growth rates could remain at 13-15%.


Europe’s pivot from Russian natural gas

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has instigated a seismic shift in the European Union’s natural gas policy, with the bloc agreeing to wean itself off Russian gas by 2027. The eastern Mediterranean has been touted as an alternative source, but our experts are sceptical it is a viable option.


Innovating insulin delivery systems

There continues to be significant momentum behind insulin delivery systems and blood glucose monitoring, with key trends including the shift in focus to type 2 solutions and opportunities in closed-loop pumps.  


Outlook for home builders as demand softens and supply constraints ease

Declining US housing inventory levels were a feature of 2020/21 but industry experts are now anticipating a steady return to pre-pandemic levels. Rising interest rates and a normalising supply environment could erode record levels of home builders’ gross EBITDA margin.


Tight lithium market until at least 2025

The electric vehicle revolution is driving demand for lithium-ion batteries to a level that current lithium production timelines are struggling to meet. With demand growing much faster than supply, our experts see lithium being in a tight spot for a number of years.


Social platforms battle shifting advertising landscape

Advertisers and social media players are navigating a sea-change in data and privacy policies. Although advertising will continue to be a core part of social platforms’ revenues, parameters are shifting and those that fail to innovate could be left behind. 

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