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Third Bridge Forum is the biggest archive of expert interviews in the world, providing investors with critical knowledge to make smarter and faster decisions.

Last year over 16,000 investment professionals from 1,000 firms across private equity, public equity and credit downloaded approximately 500,000 interviews from Forum.

Our coverage is unrivalled—covering over 10,000 public and private companies, in seven key sectors, across all major geographies around the world.

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Why professional investors choose Forum

Our unique approach combines a proprietary coverage model, specially selected industry executives and analyst-led investigative interviews, resulting in content found nowhere else in the world.

Analyst-led investigative Interviews

We train our sector-focused analysts to operate as forensic journalists, addressing key themes and drivers affecting the companies we cover to ensure we deliver in-depth qualitative insights.

Our analysts conduct one-hour investigative Interviews with industry executives to deliver granular and highly relevant content found nowhere else in the world.

Broad, unbiased coverage

Forum’s coverage is unparalleled. We have full sector and global coverage and cover thousands of public and private companies beyond just the "headlines".

With our rigorous and proprietary research methodology our team is trained to monitor key industries, macro-economic trends and deal flow to determine the most relevant and timely content to bring into focus. 

Unique content, on-demand

Clients leverage our in-depth Interviews and transcripts to inform all stages of their investment process, enabling them to focus on what matters and move with speed and conviction.

Content can be accessed on-demand in Forum or via all major third-party distribution partners, including Bloomberg, making it even easier to ingrain in our clients’ workflow.


How investors use Forum

Clients, across all asset classes, rely on the relevant, timely and high-quality insights from Forum Interview transcripts to inform all stages of their investment process - from idea generation to evaluation, due diligence, channel monitoring or portfolio work.

PRIVATE EQUITY: Understand the opportunity. Identify the risks.

Early-stage due diligence
 Validate assumptions in the IM
Quickly understand key drivers and market dynamics around a company or industry’s competitive landscape, TAM, growth outlook, and performance over multiple cycles to build or reinforce analysis of enterprise values
Refine questions for management teams and investment bankers

Due diligence
Discover insights from specialists with deep knowledge about a business
Understand the risks to the management forecast
Obtain perspectives on the management team

Portfolio work

Stay up to date with key industry themes affecting portfolio companies
 Identify potential deal opportunities and M&A
 Source domain experts for value creation opportunities
 Source senior executives for board positions

PUBLIC EQUITY: Gain insight. Generate Alpha.

Develop a diagnostic roadmap for initial analysis and evaluation of a sector
Understand the strategic position of a business in early stage research, particularly in complex or fast moving industries
Obtain a deep understanding of customer purchasing behaviours, competitor activity, cultural issues, governance and management risks to a business
Assess short-term investor concerns about a company

Understand historic and current trends, or contrarian viewpoints, to build a perspective on an industry over multiple cycles
Understand the implications of macro, regulatory and private company moves on portfolio companies

CREDIT: Identify drivers. Cut out the noise.

Quickly understand the business quality, competitive positioning and market dynamics of primary issuances
Obtain financial and operational insights to revisit the credit stories of potential secondary investment opportunities stemming from market dislocations
Gain historical perspectives on how situations have played out in the past and potential restructuring risks
Understand the drivers of cash flow and identify key stress points in the financial model

 Understand portfolio exposure to macroeconomic changes or events
 Track market trends and fundamental performance of existing investments


Third Bridge launched and defined the expert transcript category

Forum is the biggest archive of expert interviews in the world.

30,000+ transcript archive

6,000+ public companies

8,500+ Interviews per year

4,000+ private companies

1 hour Interviews with transcripts



Trusted by 1,000+ clients

We work with some of the world’s largest hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds and management consultancies to help them make better investment decisions.

What our clients say

Insights uncovered by Third Bridge were contrary to our thesis and gave us confidence to exit before the stock fell.

Equity Analyst, $1bn Hedge Fund

The comments in the Interview were like gold dust - you wouldn’t hear them from management and they gave us ammunition to question the team.


Forum Interviews are a helpful 'river guide’ to understand the lay of the land, especially when there’s no public player in the space.



Coverage stories

  • PE: Veterinary care

  • equities: blue prism

  • Credit: OGF group

PE: Veterinary Care

Third Bridge Forum has conducted dozens of Interviews on European veterinary practices, exploring regional dynamics across key European markets, in-clinic buying and pharmaceutical and diagnostics rebate dynamics, and the scale benefits associated with practice buy and build.

Forum has also covered the growing market for veterinary practice management software and telemedicine, and has explored at length the competitive dynamics between public and private veterinary groups in Europe and the US.

Having conducted Interviews with a wide range of specialists, ranging from qualified veterinarians operating at the point of care, to pharmaceutical executives negotiating with vet chains, Forum’s veterinary content has helped our clients better understand:
the industry value chain and regional regulatory and commercial nuances
growth drivers and trends throughout the business cycle – from early stage consolidation to mature phase organic potential
supply chain dynamics and the buying power of veterinary care practices (chains vs independents) 
revenue mix and the impact on cash flow sustainability – first opinion vs referral 

Forum Interviews have been accessed by hundreds of private equity analysts, and have helped our clients critically assess investment opportunities.

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