Mapping the world's value chains

Maps visually presents public and private company value chains in a single view, helping investors fast-track early-stage research within minutes.

Our analysts profile senior executives to capture their detailed knowledge about a company. These industry insights are synthesised to create each map, resulting in content found nowhere else in the world.

Maps allows our clients to prioritise their research focus quickly and then seamlessly navigate to Third Bridge’s content suite to access additional content for a deeper dive.

Why Maps?

Instantly visualise the value chain

Value chain information is typically fragmented, unqualified and outdated.

Maps solves this problem, presenting a visual snapshot of the entire value chain of a company, enabling investors to dramatically accelerate their early-stage research.

Each map uncovers value chain connections in unique ways.

Gain unique insights

Our analysts conduct in-depth profiling sessions with senior executives selected based on their relevant and first-hand knowledge of an industry.

Using proprietary visualisation software, industry insights are synthesised to create each map containing content found nowhere else in the world.

Focus on what matters

Maps marks the beginning of the research journey for our clients, helping them identify the most relevant industry segments and prioritise their investment research.

Maps acts as a gateway to Third Bridge’s content suite, enabling our clients to move faster and go deeper during early-stage research or due diligence.

As a valued Third Bridge client you currently have complimentary access to Maps.

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Search and navigate 7,000+ public and private company value chain maps

500+ new maps to be added every month.

Maps of more than 8,000 public and private companies to be available by the end of 2022.

Switch the Maps interface language between English and Chinese based on your preference.

What our clients think of Maps

Maps helps me to easily identify, and narrow, who and what I'm looking for.
European PE firm
Maps is really great, especially at the very beginning to get a first picture on how the market is structured for new investments. It allows me to dig deeper into commercial partners.
European PE Firm
Maps helps me identify new names and get my arms around the qualitative aspects of a company before digging into the financials. I like that I can see the relevant names from a competitive dynamics and comparable securities standpoint, and see how to think about the relative value.
US Hedge Fund
Maps helps focus our diligence on what matters and where to look first.
Global PE firm
It really is a very impressive product. I’ve seen the Bloomberg function, but that’s nothing like this.
US Hedge Fund
For companies I cover I found some suppliers I didn't know within the wider industry - this was a valuable insight.
European Credit Fund
Maps offer an impact assessment for who in the supply chain I need to care about.
Global PE firm
Maps is amazing to provide the competitive landscape of a company from multiple perspectives, like Nike Inc and Nike China.
Asia Hedge Fund
This is a fantastic differentiator and helps us focus on the right players.
Global Hedge Fund
Maps saves me an entire day of figuring out concepts, e.g. what hotel franchise models are vs managed hotels.
Europe Hedge Fund
The value chain of Chinese Chemical Engineering is very complex. It’s great to see a map to sort it out for me which saves time.
Asia Hedge Fund
Maps is immeasurably useful - it will save us days of work.
Global Hedge Fund
Maps really brings your content together and allows me to more efficiently access the content you have.
Global Hedge Fund
When you’re trying to map out a lot of ideas, it’s very time inefficient. But being able to use Maps and look at the entire space - especially when it’s in a new solves a lot of that.
Global Hedge Fund
Maps accelerates the initial 1-2 days of a diligence.
Private Equity Consulting

New features have arrived!

Curated Forum transcripts

Leverage machine learning algorithms to provide you with curated recommendations of the most relevant Forum transcripts.

Contributor profiles

You will be able to see profiles of the contributing expert(s) on each map.

Multiple map views

Experts may have different interpretations of a company’s value chain. Compare these unique insights by accessing different versions of a map.

Specialist contributor heatmaps

Visualise an individual expert’s knowledge-area overlaid on a map to see what topics they would be best suited to discuss in a 1:1 consultation.

“Notify me”

Is the map you’re searching for not available yet? Select “Notify me” to receive an alert when the map is released.

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