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Third Bridge Forum is the biggest archive of high-quality expert interviews in the world, providing professional investors with critical knowledge to make smarter and faster decisions.

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How professional investors use Forum

Forum has embedded itself as a critical component in the workflow of professional investors across all levels of seniority. With its depth and breadth of content, Forum has proven use cases across all stages of the investment lifecycle - from idea generation to evaluation, due diligence, channel monitoring and portfolio work.

"The Forum interview pulled the curtain back and gave a very honest assessment of the challenges and threats facing the company. It 

provided unique insight that is very difficult to get any other way."

MD, US HY hedge fund

Why Forum?

We know research needs to be relevant, fast, unbiased, broad in coverage, and rich with insight.

We launched and defined the expert transcript category over a decade ago and we’ve grown Forum into the biggest archive of high-quality expert interviews in the world.

Most importantly, the unique content generated from the intersection of our dedicated team and industry experts doesn’t exist anywhere else.

  • Proprietary coverage model
    Forum’s coverage model ranks, filters, and prioritises private and public companies reflecting recent developments or long-term holdings. 
  • Analyst-led investigative interviews
    Our global team of sector-focused analysts conduct one-hour investigative interviews with specially sourced industry executives to deliver in-depth, qualitative insights.
  • Unparalleled coverage
    With full sector and global coverage, covering thousands of public and private companies, Forum’s coverage is unparalleled in the market.
  • Trusted expert network 
    Third Bridge has the highest percentage of former C-Suite executives and senior leaders, who provide critical insights drawn from first hand experience.

What our clients say

"The comments in the Forum Interview were like gold dust - you wouldn’t hear them from management and they gave us ammunition to question the team."


Analyst, Distressed debt manager 

"With Forum I know that every transcript I read will provide me with value even if I know the company well."


PM, European mutual fund

"Forum Interviews are a helpful ‘river guide’ to understand the lay of the land, especially when there’s no public player in the space."


Top 5 Global Buyout Fund

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About Third Bridge

Third Bridge is a market-leading global investment research firm. We provide integrated research solutions for the world’s top investors and business leaders to help them make smarter and faster decisions. No other company in the world provides the same premium holistic research offering - combining access to unbiased human insights content with unique investor-led content and a global expert network service. We serve over 1,000 investment firms, offering clients 24/7 coverage through our team of 1,300+ employees located across eight offices.


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