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Supporting consumer & retail investment with human insights

Consumer Investment Research

Getting to grip with the intricacies of the consumer market is essential for maximising investment opportunities. And this is where Third Bridge can make a difference; we provide credit investors with access to extraordinary perspectives and expertise in consumer and retail investment. Our meticulous attention to detail, professional services, and cutting-edge market intelligence support our clients’ research capabilities when investing in retail and the consumer sector.

Established in 2007, we have grown into a global research organisation that serves various types of private equity investors, including some of the largest global asset managers and hedge funds. With coverage of over 4,000 public and private companies, our clients are able to utilise our vast wealth of resources to get to the crux of what matters most to them in the retail investment market.

How we’ve helped clients through consumer investment

Two methodologies form the core of our operations. The first of these, SmartLink, is a unique system whereby our team is trained to monitor changes in the retail investment landscape across a range of metrics: vital industries, special situations, deal flows, macro-economic trends and stocks. By continually tracking their movements and understanding the changes as they happen, our teams can connect the dots on key performance and economic drivers.

The second, Factshield™, is deployed to protect our clients’ integrity. We screen the identity and experience of our potential experts using best-in-class solutions, taking into account criteria such as their digital footprint and financial information. This methodology is continually being refined to ensure we offer risk management that goes beyond industry best practice. Combining these two solutions differentiates Third Bridge in its approach, meaning we can best serve our clients that are investing in the consumer sector.

Retail Investment Analysis

Our Forum team provides a foundation for our clients to gain solid insights into investing in retail with unfiltered, hour-long Interviews in which sector analysts extract vital market knowledge from industry insiders. By continually monitoring sectors, companies and industry events, our research teams are able to explore the pressing issues in the retail investment market that we believe our clients need to know about.

We conduct over 5,000 Forum Interviews each year, and one of the areas we focus on is consumer investment opportunities. Clients can access our Forum content in two ways. The Interview can be joined via a telephone call, with the option to directly ask the specialist questions. Alternatively, once transcribed, this content is downloadable via our client portal or available from our distribution partners.

Globally and across all sectors, Forum is supported by:

  • Archive of 15,000 transcripts
  • 100-strong research team
  • 5,000 Interviews per year

Our Consumer Investment Experts & Data

So that your research capabilities are powered by expert knowledge, our Connections team identifies and selects industry specialists for one-on-one meetings. No matter how niche our clients’ requirements are, our international reach, extensive research team and in-depth knowledge of local industries means that we know how to access the right candidate.

To achieve this, we employ a six-step process: brief; analysis and research; sourcing; screening; consultation; and feedback. From uncovering what you want to achieve in consumer investment and then pairing you with industry experts, each step is designed to facilitate sharper decision-making – allowing you to confidently invest in the consumer market.

Connections is backed by:

  • 500-strong research team
  • Eight global offices
  • Over 10,000 consultations per month
  • Robust compliance screening and review processes

Get in touch about consumer & retail investment

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