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Cision – business update amid coronavirus – 24 November 2020 

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Several tailwinds are favouring companies like Cision Ltd and the wider media intelligence industry: the world’s intensifying hunger for information, the continued fragmentation of the media landscape, and the shift from paid and owned media to earned media. 

Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former C-level executive at Cision to discuss the company’s operating environment and its various products, as well as competitive industry dynamics and the factors likely to shape the company in 2021 and beyond.

One of the expert’s first observations was that, although some big players operate in the space, “there’s still a pretty long mid-tail and long-tail, so you’re still going to see a lot of value creation both on the buy side and the sell side of things, with more and more M&A consolidations”.  

The specialist then examined Cision’s TAM across its four core business lines — analysis, media monitoring, databases and press release distribution — with the company’s competitors within each sphere also discussed. The company has dipped its toe in social media management with its acquisition of, it was noted.

After being asked about the potential threat of Google Analytics to Cision, the expert suggested that go-to-market partnerships might be formed in future involving the likes of Cision and Meltwater, and dominant marketing clouds such as Adobe, Amazon and Salesforce. 

He also anticipated that the company will work on closing some of its “global gaps” by deepening its APAC footprint, for example. “Other than the press release business, it’s still really not a player in the whole APAC region and the APAC region has been a huge growth field for companies like Meltwater.” 

Other topics on the agenda included the impact of coronavirus on paid and owned media, the implications of a possible Cision-Meltwater merger, and pricing trends in influencer databases and media monitoring.

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