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Brand Industrial Services (BrandSafway) is a construction and civil engineering company in the United States with customers in 30 countries and has annual sales of US$5 billion a year. In September 2022, Standard and Poor’s downgraded its credit rating to C++ from B- on slower recovery in operating margins.

I find Third Bridge extremely useful for ramping up on a sector. A lot of names are private, so these transcripts really help me to better understand the company.

Analyst, US Distressed/HY Hedge Fund

What Key Insights did Forum provide credit investors with?

In June 2022, we hosted the Forum Interview BrandSafway – Construction Industry Overview & 2022 Business Outlook. The specialist highlighted the margin pressures, inflationary challenges, and changes in leadership that the company faced. Below are the Key Insights gleaned from this Interview.

How does this add value to the credit research process?

Gaining these critical human insights would have helped investors assess the ability of BrandSafway to meet its debt obligations and determine whether yields reflected the potential risks.

Why do credit investors choose Third Bridge Forum?

We understand the challenge.

The challenge of sourcing unique and reliable insights about the potential risks associated with an investment opportunity to justify a certain yield level. With high competition for new debt issues, investors must move quickly and with conviction.

Third Bridge is the only human insights research provider with a dedicated credit coverage capability that ensures content is current and covers recent price and yield changes. Our analyst-led investigative Forum Interviews result from hour-long discussions and industry specialists in their field. They’re often former senior executives from the company being covered. This unique approach results in content found nowhere else in the world.

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