Open Roles

Software Development Engineer II

Company Overview

Third Bridge was founded on the belief that human insights drive intelligent investment decisions. We operate in a global, multi-billion-dollar market with double digit annual growth and has consistently received accolades for Great Places to Work and the top 100 fastest growing companies.

Much of our work is cutting edge. You will have guidance but also freedom and flexibility. We want you to bring your best ideas to the table. We are constantly challenging ourselves, constantly looking to disrupt our market. While very focused on growing our core businesses, we will innovate where we see opportunities, something we have done time and time again.

Our Mission as a company informs our culture and how we work together. We are open and transparent, value feedback, never stand still and always aim to do better. We shock people with trust and help them to jump. We like winning and never miss the opportunity to celebrate!

If this is the sort of environment you want to be part of, join us and help us build an amazing company!


In this role your responsibilities will include:

  • Design, implementation, and deployment of software components that solve complex problems generating positive feedback
  • Understanding of and best use of design patterns 
  • Ability to work independently and with your team to deliver software successfully 
  • Consistent high quality of work that the team trusts, including but not limited to: secure; testable; maintainable; low-defects; efficient; and incorporates best practices
  • Rapid and uneventful code reviews 
  • Providing useful code reviews for changes submitted by others 
  • Focus on operational excellence, constructively identifying problems and proposing solutions, taking on projects that improve your team’s software, making it better and easier to maintain
  • Making suggestions on improvements to your team’s development and testing processes 
  • Maintaining strong working relationships with teammates and peers including recognising discordant views and taking part in constructive dialogue to reconcile into cohesive solutions
  • Confidently mentor new teammates about your internal clients, what your team’s software does, how it is constructed, tested, operates, and how it fits into the bigger picture


A successful candidate will:

  • Be an excellent problem solver implementing testable, maintainable and efficient components based on defined technology strategies and software engineering standards
  • Have significant software engineering training, understanding SOLID design principles and the foundations of application development
  • Demonstrate proven experience working in agile teams, identifying blockers and asking for help and guidance where needed
  • Show experience as a strong communicator and influencer, mentoring interns and peers, as well as advising tech leads and managers
  • Have a positive, solution-oriented and humble attitude, collaborating with others to improve development and operational processes
  • Be open to explore new territories, experiment, fail and learn while actively seeking knowledge and opportunities to apply it 

Required Experience

  • Have proven experience in working with PHP 7.x and PHP frameworks such as Symfony or Zend
  • Experience with AWS cloud environments (IaaS, PaaS and FaaS/Serverless), micro-services, CI / CD, docker
  • Experience with HTML/CSS/JavaScript applying semantic, accessible HTML and using modern front end development tooling (Webpack, Yarn, Npm)
  • Hands on experience with MySQL 5.x 
  • Experience in TDD / BDD or chaos engineering

Desirable Experience

  • Experience in Node.js
  • Experience working with React and state management libraries


  • Degree in Computer or Software Engineering, Computer Science or similar field, or equivalent experience

The successful candidate must, by the start of the employment, have permission to work in the country they are applying.

We know that to be truly innovative, we need to have a diverse team around us. That is why Third Bridge is committed to creating an inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. If you are not 100% sure if you are right for the role, please apply anyway and we will be happy to consider your application.