Open Roles

Senior Backend Engineer

Company Description

Third Bridge was founded on the belief that human insights drive intelligent investment decisions.

To make the right investment decisions, our clients require access to the most relevant experts and their insights – we enable this through private consultations and exclusive content drawn from expert interviews.

Our clients consist of some of the largest private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and management consulting firms, who are serviced by a team of over 900 employees located across eight global offices.

Third Bridge operates in a global, multi-billion-dollar market with double digit annual growth and has consistently received accolades for Great Places to Work and the top 100 fastest growing companies.

Job Description

Technology is at the core of all our products and services. We map, capture and distribute knowledge at scale, which translates on the tech side into a wide gamut of complex problems to solve. To keep looking for better ways to fill our clients needs, we have a dedicated Innovation team spearheading new product concepts.

As a Senior Software Engineer your role is a key enabler for the Innovation team, contributing to upcoming innovative products by translating complex business visions into first class human interfaces.

The Innovation team autonomously covers all aspects of the product development, from ideation and business model to market launch. You will interact daily on business, product, data and development angles with the rest of the team, reporting to the Head of Innovation.

For research and validation you will have direct access to stakeholders, internal users, clients and our industry experts.


You will mostly work from a blank canvas with ownership of the technological choices and contribute to the product decisions. Expect the role to be 70% development and 30% business and product involvement.

You will aim to maximise user goals, improve the speed of concept validation, minimize development overhead and provide clear milestones.

With your help, our team’s knowledge and best practices on human interfaces will be on par with industry bests; we will avoid bottlenecks around human interface development and validation and will be able to test multiple concepts in parallel, fail fast and iterate in short cycles.


  • Language agnostic software engineer, back end skill set, fluent in a range of technologies wide enough to create complete functional products

  • Specific knowledge in Node.js, PHP, Python, C#, React, various SQL flavours, Elastic is a plus but not a deal-breaker 

  • Knowledge and methodology to make the right technical and technological choices

  • Solid algorithmic foundation

  • Great communicator in both tech and business contexts

  • Strong business awareness and experienced in dealing with business strategy and product owners

  • Strong technical planning skills

Additional Information

The successful candidate must, by the start of the employment, have permission to work in the country they are applying.

We know that to be truly innovative, we need to have a diverse team around us. That is why Third Bridge is committed to creating an inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. If you are not 100% sure if you are right for the role, please apply anyway and we will be happy to consider your application.